Eswaratti (إسوارة)
(born Maryam Karim, October 9, 1987, in Fes, Morocco)
YouTube and social media phenomenon who became best known for her DIY, fashion and lifestyle tutorial content on YouTube.
Mimi is 29 years old and got married to a man who Appears regularly performs in her videos and speaks in Arabic and English, she is the youngest of eight children.

She lives in Netherlands.
One of the largest bloggers in the Netherlands.
Mimi / Meriem Karim is one of the most interesting Dutch newcomers in the Youtube landscape with her channel إسوارة
(Eswara, that means bracelet in Arabic).
fashion and lifestyle tutorial content on YouTube

She registered for her YouTube channel in April of 2014.
she uploaded her first video on 22 Apr 2014.

The number of subscribers of Eswara has grown to 2.4 million (number of views in 2017: 357 million).
She also has a second channel M&M VLOGS had more than 933,000 subscribers as of january 2018.

She has a substantial fanbase on her Eswaratti Instagram page as well with more than 837,000 followers.

Her last video on YouTube as of january 10, 2018.

Her first video in youtube channel.


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